Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i should update, but damn no inspiration and busy bee i am.. so..nothing for the time being..although i do want to change the skin of this blog and as you can see i have eradicated the chat box..i was being spammed..so yeah..
uni life sucked the creativity out of me

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hocus pocus

I was doing my report went i stumbled across these on yahoo. This guy is a walking illusion.

he blends in so perfectly no?

heck i couldn't see this one at all. (hint: the front tyre)

another one (hint: door)

Now i have an advice for him, you can call it career advancement advice: Cut off your feet, that's the only one giving you away. Agree people?

why is it beating so fast?
cause your here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the chat box is definitely being spammed!!
who are these people?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Parade for me

I just had one of the weirdest vision ever, whereby I am waiting for a train, specifically KTM at the Mid Valley station at peak commuting hour of 1700. A train arrives, I do not remember the vision of people exiting the train as by now i vision has reverted to the lift in my Uni and the incident that happened this afternoon plays back in my head whereupon when the students waiting outside started walking in even before i could get out, to which i loudly said ' Thank you for waiting'. The nerve :)
So now my vision is back to the train which i have now boarded. And suddenly there is a lady trying to get out from the inside of the train. I am one of the last ones that was able to squeeze inside, so in order for that lady to get out i need to step out. And thus I did the most Malaysian thing which is to wait for someone else to step put instead. But everyone else was also doing the same thing. Alas i had to step out. And the next thing i now, the trains starts moving, the shocking revelation made my hand go up and my index finger gets stuck between the closing doors (I don't know how come the train started moving before the doors has closed). Realising that having the finger bonded to the door was hazardous i chop it off with a knife that materialised out of nowhere. Gross!! I think my brain thought the same and changed it to me looking bewildered, then start running along with the train and making frantic hand signals to the passengers to press the emergency stop to no avail. And finally I reach the end of the platform and jump down to the rock road that runs along most Malaysian tracks.

The End.

wonders if studying about drugs could cause paranoia.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I will never be

Have you'll heard about the recent huha regarding how the axis of earth's rotation has changed and thus so will your zodiac signs? i heard about it from the most reliable source, Facebook (the best thing ever created in this world, apart from me) ok the last part is kind of a joke, a bad joke :) So I finally Googled what was all these about and stumbled upon the devastating news of me being demoted to a Cancer-ian. Yucks!! No offence fellow cancer-ians, but I will never be anything other than a Leo. Just to sate my curiosity i tried googling cancer and the first on the results list was of course Wikipedia.

Cancer /ˈkænsər/ ( listen) (medical term: malignant neoplasm) is a class of disease in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth through division...

The above is the small excerpt explaining it. So choi la.. Adoi!! So tried typing in cancer signs, and lo behold i get results of cancer signs and symptoms. None of the results on the first page says anything about the zodiac sign cancer. And 1 page is the max people view for one search query.
How la like this? Only when i typed cancer zodiac did it materialise. And its description is so not me although this might be because i am mentally unprepared to change, which further strengthens my argument, because Cancer-ians are able to adapt well. And they are very feminine in nature. Umm..so not.
So i have decided to ditch this sign change and stick with good ol' Leo and its wiggly bended sperm sign :)

thats right

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beginning: C6-01: Unfinished

google-ed. (trust Calvin to know better)

It's a new year. Happy new year all, although honestly there wasn't much difference between yesterday and today, but then let me not spoil your newness. I haven't actually got into writing this whole never to be done list resolution thingy. Kinda want to put the thoughts into action rather than the usual words on paper that never emerge to see the light of day, let alone to be fulfilled. But with my straying thoughts and fleeting memory i probably should. A joke: The other day my brother said that he gotta find the 2010 resolution list. I asked if he wants to cross out the achieved ones. and he said, no, am going to replace the 10 with 11. See people, it runs in the family.
And studies.. Nervous and worried sick over the new sem, which means i am normal. Excited a little as well, which means i am pretending to calm myself down by channeling my negative into positive thoughts. Oh bugger who am i kidding, i don't want this sem to start. But since when has the world revolved around my words? And commence it will and strive i will. Perhaps a lot more harder than last time. Although class doesn't officially start til monday, which IS the day after tomorrow (although technically its sunday now) because it is stil saturday night for me. But i feel its starting tomorrow (sunday) itself. Because i am leaving home tomorrow to my residence near the uni. Sob. Am sure to miss the comfort. Sob sob. Ok your most probably confused and need to read the last 4 lines again. Am feeling a little unhinged at the moment, so my apologies. Sob.

Got a new phone for the new year :) my first touch screen, and over 1k property that i currently call my own. Damn the proud wei. But i had some reservations earlier, as in two days back. Bought it on thursday, but the 1st of 2011 was the day i started using it wholly. Before i just charged it and played a few games on it, learned and stil learning the functions it possesses and getting over the 'i want a qwerty pad' mood (i previuosly test drove my bro's C6-00 and loved the qwerty). I wanted so much to use it from the get go but it felt so foreign in my hands. Its heavier than my k770i, lacks a keypad and most of all it seems so fragile and the price tag did not help my cause. It was like a precious baby, black and shiny one at it. It took some overcoming of fear and what the heck just use it attitude and voila 1day successfully down. But you must credit nokia for coming up with super user friendly devices, 1 day is sufficient to learn the basics. And yes me likey.. a lot. This is a lot coming out from my mouth given that i always felt that nokia has so oldish and boringish design. So yes, this guy is pretty cool.

Damn, Her fearful symmetry is only half way completed. I hate leaving books halfway. the next time you want to read it your torn between continuing from where you've stopped although you have forgotten half of it or starting over but your too lazy to do that because in your head that half is already done. So you see, there is a lot of dilemma surrounding this kind of issue. And this sort of predictment i can do without thank you. Sigh..

Happy 2011 again folks, and wishing you happy times in both the virtual and the real world.

but i get you, so yes it's a good bargain :) can't wait

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top to toe

Green Fossil purse
Blackberry in pink sleeves
Baby pink Coach bag with brown (leather?) straps
Levi's jeans
pink iPanema sandals